Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on weight loss

Holiday weekends are great, but sure can get you off of your schedule!
Saturday the 25th was the one week mark. Down 7lbs, so averaging a pound a day isn't bad! I don't have the jittery feelings anymore and have not had a morning headach for the last few days so that is all good! I notice I am not hungry the majority of the time, but I am trying to make sure I eat a little something every couple of hours - carrots, apple, etc. Nothing really appeals to me most of the time, which is really annoying my husband, but oh well! : ) I also don't have the dry mouth as bad as the first week, but I am making a conscience effort to drink at least 4 bottles of water a day - my water bottle holds about 24 oz. So I am sure the weight loss isn't entirely due to the appetite suppressant, but it is certainly helping. This week I am trying to add in at least 15 minutes of walking a day.
One thing I should have done was take measurements so I could keep track of inches lost, not only pounds. I can give a guess on them, so I should write them down!

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