Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Setting up a home gym

Well after alot of procrastinating, husband agrees we need to exercise and get in shape. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 8 months ago. His blood sugar isn't terribly high - yet. He is on medication but does not need insulin. So we are hoping to get it under control or even reverse it with exercise and eating better. So, we are going to finish the partial basement into an exercise area. I already have an eliptical, but he doesn't like to use it because he says it makes his knees hurt. We also have a Wii with the Fit board & Sports Resort. I like the Wii because I can do different things each day. I am also wanting to get the Fit plus. I also have a dvd of Leslie Sansone "Walk at home 5 day slim down". I love to walk, just not in the winter! LOL I am hoping to talk him into a treadmill, maybe a stationary bike and some type of weight/resistance machine. If anyone has any suggestions - on equipment or advice on setting up the exercise room - we would love to hear them. We are starting with a concrete floor, block walls and dropped ceiling. He thinks we need to raise the floor a little just so it is warmer. I think we can put the foam squares down and it will be enough. We already have one corner coveren in the squares/tiles - we used this for the dogs. Cost wise, if I can get them at Sam's Club like I did the first set, cost isn't too bad. But if we raise the floor, we will have to work around the door as it is a walk-out basement. I will try to post updates at least twice a week during the building process and also once we start using it.