Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on weight loss

Holiday weekends are great, but sure can get you off of your schedule!
Saturday the 25th was the one week mark. Down 7lbs, so averaging a pound a day isn't bad! I don't have the jittery feelings anymore and have not had a morning headach for the last few days so that is all good! I notice I am not hungry the majority of the time, but I am trying to make sure I eat a little something every couple of hours - carrots, apple, etc. Nothing really appeals to me most of the time, which is really annoying my husband, but oh well! : ) I also don't have the dry mouth as bad as the first week, but I am making a conscience effort to drink at least 4 bottles of water a day - my water bottle holds about 24 oz. So I am sure the weight loss isn't entirely due to the appetite suppressant, but it is certainly helping. This week I am trying to add in at least 15 minutes of walking a day.
One thing I should have done was take measurements so I could keep track of inches lost, not only pounds. I can give a guess on them, so I should write them down!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day Five

I didn't post yesterday since I usually do Wordless Wednesday. So here is the latest:

Day Five
No jitters at all & no dizziness. I am noticing more energy which is a good side effect! Sleep is pretty much back to normal and I am not having the normal craving, hungry time in the late afternoon. I am eating smaller portions because I seem to be getting full quicker and then food doesn't appeal to me. I think it is kind of annoying my husband who loves food and loves to cook! I forgot to get on the scale yesterday, but when I got on this morning it was still the same 207. Didn't go down, but didn't go back up either! So, so far, so good. I am happy with results and minimal side effects so far.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day Four

5/21/13 - Day Four - I am back to sleeping as sound as before starting Adipex-P. While I still have the dry mouth alot of the day, it isn't as bad as the first day. I just usually carry a water bottle with me. I ate a normal breakfast yesterday (cereal with almond milk & blueberries), wasn't hungry for lunch until mid afternoon (2 small pieces of basil pesto pizza). Stopped at Long John Silver's for supper, probably not the best choice, but I only ate about 1/2 of my meal. I notice I am not as hungry, or don't have the cravings I did before and when I do eat, I don't eat as much before I become full and it just doesn't sound good anymore. I know you aren't suppose to weigh yourself as often as once a day, but I usually step on the scale in the morning out of habit. This morning it was 207! I am going to try to increase my activity - walk more, to see if that speeds things up. Yes, I know it isn't suppose to be a fast process, I didn't gain over night & won't loose over night, but it is nice to see the scale move down even if it is only a pound or less a day.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Weight loss

I finally reached the point where I am serious about getting rid of this extra weight. We babysat my grandson one day last week. We went to the park. Bekah wanted to take some photos of him playing, etc. She took a couple of him & I walking across the bridge and on the merry-go-around. His part of the photos was adorable even though he didn't want to look at the camera. Mine however made be cringe! So I happen to have a doctor's appointment the next day. I asked about the Raspberry Ketones & Green Coffee Bean extracts I have been hearing so much about. Well she wasn't familiar with them so she suggested taking an appetite suppressant she was familiar with and had used with quite a bit of success before with patients. I don't really like taking drugs any more than necessary, but I needed help, so I agreed.  I started taking Adipex-P (generic name Phentermine) 37.5 mg tablet, once a day.  I do have to monitor my blood pressure though as it is already on the high side & I do take medication for it. So far it hasn't raised it much.
First day. As the day went on, started feeling a little jittery & had a headach. But I had a chiropractor appointment the day before and was adjusted so I think that had some to do with the headache since in originated in my neck. I did have a VERY dry mouth, I drank well over 10 bottles of water today. Later in the day I sort of felt like I had had a couple glasses of wine....sort of a little buzz. I noticed I felt better the more activity I did - walking, so that is a good thing, make me get up and move. About 6 that evening the jittery, buzz feeling just went away. I did have a little trouble sleeping the first night, but also contribute that to being at the lake, too. I never sleep as well up there. 211
Second day. I didn't have the jittery, buzzy feeling at all today. Although I did notice if I moved quickly or bent over and stood back up quick, I did get a little dizzy. Took a walk before breakfast & worked in the yard, swept off the patio and re-arranged the chairs, so I got quite a bit done. Seemed to have more energy, although I did take a short nap in the afternoon. We usually take little naps at the lake......  : ) it is our away time, so I also do not have a scale there. Still had dry mouth, but not as bad as the day before, but did still drink quite a bit of water. Blood pressure wasn't too bad, I only took it three times.
Third day. I actually slept pretty well last night, pretty nuch like normal. No jittery feeling this morning, although I do have a slight headache, but could still be neck issues & it is a cloudy, overcast & gloomy day which sometimes gives me a headache. I do notice more energy. Only slight dry mouth today, but I figure that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I do need to drink more water. 208
I will try to keep this updated daily.....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Would they approve?

A few years ago we had a decision to make. My father-in-law had passed away so we were trying to decide what we were going to do with the farm. Rent it, sell it or move there? We already had a home we had lived in for 20+ years, raised both of our girls.....& had lots of memories there......., but if we were going to sell or rent the farm, we would have to update the house. At first we hadn't even considered moving, but the more we thought about it.......if we were going to put money into the house, then why not make it what we would want. Besides, our youngest daughter was a senior, we didn't need to stay in that school district any longer. So we decided to totally remodel the house, build a pond and build a new pole barn. We were moving!
After lots of decisions, lots of choices, lots of de-construction, which was really fun and LOTS of painting, which wasn't so much fun, we moved!
There are times when I am sitting on the patio in the morning or down by the pond enjoying the scenery I wonder what my in-laws would think of what we did to their farm................I think they would enjoy it if they could spend a day here. And yes, they might even approve..................