Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tourist

Skyline of.........any guesses? I will post the answer later today.

It is the skyline of.............


Monday, June 25, 2012

Vindure (Resveratrol supplement) Update

I really need to apologize for not keeping this post up to date! My only excuse is that life got in the way!
I have been taking the Vindure 900 since June 18th, eight days short of a month. I have not seen a significant difference on the scale, but I have also not  been very good about eating healthy lately! Somehow a peanutbutter pie found its way into our refridgerator! : )
However I am noticing my skin doesn't seem as dry & tight, I have more energy - I walked around in 102+ heat over the weekend at a car show for approx. 3 hours and it didn't really bother me. Sure it was hot and I felt like I lost a couple pounds at least sweating, but I was not weak feeling, just hot.
Some of the claims on their website mention increased mental clarity......yes I can say there has been an improvement in that area also.
So, I do recommend the Vindure 900. I also checked with my doctor to make sure it was ok to take with the prescription medication I already take. She said there should be no adverse interactions & was interested to see if it did what they claim. Won't know if it has lowered my cholestrol until my physical in the fall, but I will be sure to post the results! Who knows I might even become a if you are interested in trying Vindure 900

(this is the older part of the post)
Here are my notes for the weekend:

Day Six: I am really sleeping alot better now & am waking up more refreshed. No weighing myself today though, I am at the lake. The lake is our place for rest & relaxation not scales! : )

Day Seven: Energy levels are picking up. I did take an afternoon nap yesterday but it was Saturday and we were at the lake, so it was more of a want to take a nap kind of thing, not wow, I really need a nap!

Day Eight: Well it has been a week. They advise taking the pill on an empty stomach, which I did the first few days, but it seems to work better for me if I either eat something small first like a granola bar or piece of toast. But then I do have stomach issues sometimes. I have not changed what I eat although I am trying to pay better attention to what & how much I am eating.

Friday, June 22, 2012


I have been hearing alot about Resveratrol & all of its health benefits lately. I did some research and decided to try Vindure 900 from Vinomis

I have tried to make at least short notes each day.

Day One: Took first pill in the morning after prescriptions but before eating breakfast. Weight 211
                 Walked during commercial breaks of Law & Order SVU for a total of 17 minutes

Day Two: Took pill in the morning same as yesterday.  

Day Three: Same as yesterday, did not feel the urge to take an afternoon nap today.

Day Four: Took pill in morning, noticing I am not as tired in the afternoon. I have slept better the    
                   past two nights.        Weight 210

Today is day 5. I can't say I have noticed an amazing and startling difference in the way I feel, but I am noticing some subtle changes. They say it takes most people two weeks before they notice a big difference. I am sleeping better and sounder than I was. I do seem to have a little more energy, but we have been in the middle of a 90+ degree heat wave for the last few days. Heat & humidity are not my friends!! I weigh myself when I think about it, but not necessarily on a regular schedule. It is amazing how much you weight fluctuates day to day or even in one day!
More to come........

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tourists

River Street, Savannah, Georgia
If you ever have a chance to visit Savannah, take it!! It is a beautiful city!!
I highly recommend staying at The River Street Inn

Our room - it was GREAT!!
Especially with these left on the pillows every night!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Tourist

The pool at Kenilworth Lodge, Sebring, Florida

This hotel is AMAZING!

If you love history, you have to stay at this hotel!!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Do you RSVP?

What exactly does RSVP stand for? Abbreviation of French répondez s'il vous plaît

Synonyms are: reply, acknowledgement, answer & response (All according to Bing)

I have always put RSVP on any invitations I send out. How else will I know if they received the invitation and how many people to expect? I try to come up with a date that gives them plenty of time to check their calendar and decide if they are coming, but I also need to know a little ahead of time to make arrangements. And with technology there are mulitple ways to "RSVP", the usual calling, texting, emailing and of course Facebook.
Still, every time we plan an event, I am reminding/asking "will you be able to come?" It gets very frustrating. Out of 115 invitations I received 43 yes, 17 no. That leaves 55 that did not answer.
So I made an "executive decision", I ordered food for 50 people and if we run out, well then, we run out!