Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day Four

5/21/13 - Day Four - I am back to sleeping as sound as before starting Adipex-P. While I still have the dry mouth alot of the day, it isn't as bad as the first day. I just usually carry a water bottle with me. I ate a normal breakfast yesterday (cereal with almond milk & blueberries), wasn't hungry for lunch until mid afternoon (2 small pieces of basil pesto pizza). Stopped at Long John Silver's for supper, probably not the best choice, but I only ate about 1/2 of my meal. I notice I am not as hungry, or don't have the cravings I did before and when I do eat, I don't eat as much before I become full and it just doesn't sound good anymore. I know you aren't suppose to weigh yourself as often as once a day, but I usually step on the scale in the morning out of habit. This morning it was 207! I am going to try to increase my activity - walk more, to see if that speeds things up. Yes, I know it isn't suppose to be a fast process, I didn't gain over night & won't loose over night, but it is nice to see the scale move down even if it is only a pound or less a day.

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