Monday, December 16, 2013

Heirloom Ornaments

Every year when I go through the boxes of Christmas ornaments I come across the box that has all of the old glass ornaments, most of them are from my mother-in-law's tree but I remember having some of the same ornaments when I was a kid. The ones I remember are either long gone or packed away in a box in the attic at my mom's. I put up a small tree in the living room to put these ornaments on so we can still use them but they are a little more tucked away than on the big tree in the family room.
Well that worked until we adopted a kitten.......she loved the shiny, sparkly ornaments and just had to bat them off of the tree. Luckily none were broken, but I had to resort to plastic ornaments on that tree.
Well this year the kitten is almost 3, but still shows no sign of "calming down". So as I opened the box of ornaments again this year I wanted to put them out but out of the kitty's reach. I have one very large vase I keep on the baker's rack in the kitchen. It has a collection of old marbles in the bottom along with a few feathers......another story. Anyway I came up with the idea of putting the ornaments in the vase.......perfect place to display is very large so it will hold quite a few on top of the marbles & feathers, it is up high out of reach & I can turn it a little each day to show different ornaments! I actually found another vase on top of my china cupboard to display more of the ornaments, too! So now they are all out on display and safe from a certain energetic kitty.