Thursday, November 22, 2012

Update on update

Update on update of pellet stove

Pellet stove has been in now for 2 1/2 weeks & we love it! It hasn't been really cold outside so we have only used 8 bags of pellets so far.
So now I need to get to work on the wall behind the stove. We cut the chair rail & baseboard so the gas fireplace mantle would fit, so at the very least those were going to need replaced as well as the wall patched and repainted. Well that was just to easy or ordinary! : ) So I was going to have a friend of mine make the wall between the windows look like brick. She uses spackling, carving it to look like whatever she wants and is really good at it! She has done it all over her house and it looks amazing! Her schedule was very busy and I noticed my husbands reaction was a little less than enthusiastic, so I thought maybe something less permanent or easier to cover up might be in order. After searching online for a day or so, I came across this site courtesy of Pinterest -
I thought this might be the best of both worlds so to speak.
After a trip to the local Lowes, I found textured wallpaper that was perfect! So now to decide on the color of the "bricks" & "mortar". White or light colored like the tutorial would not go in our family room!

Updates & pics as the work progresses!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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