Friday, May 14, 2010

Update on wildlife

We are still seeing or hearing the pair of Mallards. I accidently scared them this morning with the trash cans. They were on the side of the pond closest to the garage and I didn't seee them until I pulled the cans into the driveway and made alot of noise.
We had a pair of Canada Geese for a few days but then they decided to move on.
We do have at least 4 pairs of nesting Tree Swallows. We have 7 houses up, but I know at least one is occupied by Sparrows and one other is occupied by Blue Birds! The one the Blue Birds choose is not technically a "Blue Bird" house, but they seem to like it! The tree swallows are amazing to watch, skimming over the pond catching insects or getting a drink. They are too fast to get a photo, but I am going to try to get some video of them in the next few days - provided I can find the charging cord for the video camera!

Hummingbirds!! We have hummingbirds! We always had them at the old house, but had never seen them out here at the farm. I didn't get a chance to put up feeders last year, but I put two up this year. They were only up a little over a week before I heard that familar buzzing/humming sound!
Plus we have pheasants! I hear them every morning, just heard one as a matter of fact since I am sitting on the patio as I write this. I think they like having both pastures to themselves! We no longer rent the barn & pastures, although I am sure he still wants to mow both pastures down for hay & Doug will probably let him. I do miss watching the calves running around, but don't miss the mess & traffic!

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