Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is the first year we put feeders out at the farm. We had quite a few hummingbirds at our old house. I hung two feeders on our trellis. They were up about a week before we saw the first hummer.

We spotted this little guy on one of the feeder hooks outside the window.

Female at one of the two feeders

They really like to perch on the chain link fence. We have seen them sit there for almost 15 minutes at a time!

This time she let me get fairly close to the feeder!

Yesterday morning I was standing in the trellis with my cup of coffee and heard the familar buzz.....the male was at the feeder about 10 inches away from my head! Of course I did not have my camera!
They are so fun to watch! So far we have seen at least two different males and two different females.

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