Monday, June 25, 2012

Vindure (Resveratrol supplement) Update

I really need to apologize for not keeping this post up to date! My only excuse is that life got in the way!
I have been taking the Vindure 900 since June 18th, eight days short of a month. I have not seen a significant difference on the scale, but I have also not  been very good about eating healthy lately! Somehow a peanutbutter pie found its way into our refridgerator! : )
However I am noticing my skin doesn't seem as dry & tight, I have more energy - I walked around in 102+ heat over the weekend at a car show for approx. 3 hours and it didn't really bother me. Sure it was hot and I felt like I lost a couple pounds at least sweating, but I was not weak feeling, just hot.
Some of the claims on their website mention increased mental clarity......yes I can say there has been an improvement in that area also.
So, I do recommend the Vindure 900. I also checked with my doctor to make sure it was ok to take with the prescription medication I already take. She said there should be no adverse interactions & was interested to see if it did what they claim. Won't know if it has lowered my cholestrol until my physical in the fall, but I will be sure to post the results! Who knows I might even become a if you are interested in trying Vindure 900

(this is the older part of the post)
Here are my notes for the weekend:

Day Six: I am really sleeping alot better now & am waking up more refreshed. No weighing myself today though, I am at the lake. The lake is our place for rest & relaxation not scales! : )

Day Seven: Energy levels are picking up. I did take an afternoon nap yesterday but it was Saturday and we were at the lake, so it was more of a want to take a nap kind of thing, not wow, I really need a nap!

Day Eight: Well it has been a week. They advise taking the pill on an empty stomach, which I did the first few days, but it seems to work better for me if I either eat something small first like a granola bar or piece of toast. But then I do have stomach issues sometimes. I have not changed what I eat although I am trying to pay better attention to what & how much I am eating.

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