Thursday, February 2, 2012

Common products, great results!

Let me start by saying if you have a dog(s) whether inside most of the time or outside, fenced yard or not - keep a bottle of peroxide and a box of baking soda back for an unexpected visitor in the yard!
Yesterday morning started out like any other morning, got up, headed downstairs to let the dog out in the yard to do her business. Our yard if fenced & we have two pretty bright lights that shine on most of the yard. I don't normally go all the way out with her, afterall the yard is fenced and she does like some privacy. She got to the top of the ramp and took of running, which isn't all that unusual, probably chasing a stray cat that was either in the yard out outside the fence. Well then I heard her or her and something else hitting the chainlink fence so I headed up the ramp and actually heard the spray and smelled it seconds later!!! Uhoh! I called her immediately to come here. She was sneezing and shaking her head, the closer she got the more I smelled it and knew she had been directly sprayed by a skunk!!Well even though she smelled really bad I couldn't just leave her out in the we went inside, up the stairs and straight to the bathrooom. She must have been right on the skunk when it sprayed because it was only on the left side of her face, neck & chest - I would like to mention she had a white neck & chest. I shut her in the bathroom while my husband complained about the smell and told me to get tomato juice. Well I had vegetable juice in the fridge that would have to be close enough. But at first I just used a wet wash cloth to try to clean up her face which was probably not a good idea as the water spreads the oils. The smell up close was so actually made me sick three times!
Next came the tomato juice which did seem to make a small dent in the smell although it turned her nice white coat orange...... with the situation somewhat contained I went to the computer to search the internet. The first page that came up said "Tomato juice doesn't work". Great I thought! Now what?!
Reading further they said peroxide, baking soda & a small amount of dish soap mixed together would eliminate the smell, well I had all of the above so I wanted to give it a try.
I mixed up the solution and started putting it on with a rag & blotting with paper towels after about 5 minutes. It seemed to be helping!
Next came gathering up all of the towels and anything that came in contact with her and putting it all in a trash bag. Advice online said do not even try to wash the smell out so I was more than happy to just throw the few things out!
Luckily it was going to be very unseasonable warm, so screens were brought up out of the basement and put in & windows opened, ceiling fans on & the cats were ecstatic! By the way they didn't seem to mind the smell and did not avoid the dog at all!!
We did one more application of a new batch of solution in the tub this time and it improved things immensly! It even helped take out some of the orange from her white coat. I could actually put my face in the hair on her chest with no smell what so ever!!
As of this morning there is still a slight smell in the house and on the dog, but I think one more application of solution in one small spot and she will be good as new! It is suppose to be another unseasonably warm again so the windows might get opened for a bit again.
I have also set 3 pie plates of coffee beans around the house to see if that will absorb some of the odor.
I do have to mention the garage smelled horrible this morning.........even though I put everything I threw away including her collar, in two garbage bags, then in the trash can which we moved outside last night, it still came through! The trashman is not going to like emptying our cans this morning!!
By the way it is 1 quart peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and a couple teaspoons of soap - dishwashing soap is fine. Mix together and use immediately as it can not be stored because it foams when mixed together and would explode if placed in a closed container. Apply the solution to the effected area and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse with water.

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