Friday, August 13, 2010

Fish.....Who knew?!

Who knew having fish in our pond would be so entertaining! I have never been all that interested in fish. But since we put in a pond and my husband started stocking it, I have decided they can actually be fun! In the beginning, before the pond was stocked, we would see herons stalking the banks looking for anything to eat. I have always like watching and photographing herons. But when they started coming around the pond, he wanted to chase them off. I disagreed, but figured he would do what he wanted anyway, I just wouldn't chase them off when I saw them. Then came the fish! First we stocked white amurs or grass carp, then later came the minnows and hybrid blue gill. They were cool to watch, but didn't really see them much after we released them. Then we started feeding them! I swear fish have personalities, too!
So now when we see a heron land we all take off to chase them away! Bekah especially, but stay out of her way if she is in the Gator or Hang on if you are with her! Let them go eat from someone else's pond! Those fish are fun and entertaining, but they are also expensive! So now we kind of like them, they are almost like pets. Everyone wants to go feed the fish when it is time - even the dog likes to watch them! (from a distance though!) I have another video, but apparently it is too long for blogger, so I will see about editing it and posting it later.

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