Friday, April 16, 2010

Latest Projects

Here are two of my latest projects:

Sweetpeas to climb the trellis/arbor this year. Maybe next year I will plant some climbing roses...

Our back patio, finally just about done. I have more daylillies to plant in the flowerbed to the right.

Here is a closer picture of the cedar trellis/arbor. We went with the cedar instead of metal so it would stand out more. I really like the look!

Only two more flowerbeds to go before the landscaping is finally finished!

My flowerpot chairs - after sitting in the sun all summer, they needed a fresh coat of paint so I decided to go with bright colors! As you can see one will be red - it has one coat, needs a second coat. The other one will be yellow. I am thinking about putting some yellow accents on the red and vice versa. One will go on the front porch and the other will go by the back patio. Both will have pots of nasturtiums in them.

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