Thursday, January 31, 2013

Link to Bottle Tutorial

Here is the link to the original hanging candle holder from a wine bottle tutorial
Then I made this revision
Next came the purchase of a small wet/tile saw that made the cutting easier. That worked for a while, but the way it was set up I got soaked each time I cut just one bottle! Plus the blade was rather small so I had to turn the bottle to cut it so I didn't always get a straight cut. So I started doing some research online. I also "talked" with another more experienced glass artist and took her recommendation and purchased a full size wet/tile saw with a 10 inch blade! I don't get as wet, however it really does throw water around, so I made an acrylic enclosure which helped some. When it was in the garage on the concrete floor it didn't really mater. But when I decided to put it out in my studio with everything else glass, I needed to find a way to contain the water from getting on the wood floor. I devised an enclosure from shower curtains which works pretty well except when I am cutting something larger than normal. So now I am looking for a tray to put under the saw & stand.
So I guess I really should do an up to date tutorial showing the easier way although it does take more equipment.....
Of course if you would like to purchase a hanging candle holder, drop me an email

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