Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pellet or Gas?

We have been debating this issue for some time now. Even though last winter was very mild, we still had a few months where the heating bill neared $400! I love our "new" house, but really miss our old one when it comes to heating costs in the winter! We had electric baseboard heat, but rarely used it. Instead we relied on our Vermont Castings propane stove.

(ours was green)

It pretty much heated the whole house except the bedrooms. I like a cool room to sleep.
We looked at both pellet stoves & propane stoves at two local places. Admittedly one was more pro propane & the other more pellet. Cost wise they were very close. Appearance, I favored the propane. I would like to add, in the beginning I was the only one that was for the pellet stove figuring it would be cheaper. Husband and daughter kept going on about the propane stoves (no maintainence, cleaner, etc.), so wouldn't you know it, I started looking at them and guess what?! Now I liked the propane better. Well before he agreed to buy it I suggested we check out at least one other place to compare.
We had the gentleman come out to the house to see exactly where we wanted to put it, etc. As he is going through the different makes and models, he mentions "if you buy this brand, you will get two tons of pellets for free." TWO TONS for FREE??!! That is like free heat for at least three months!
Guess which one we picked?!
Even though I still like the looks of the propane stove better & no maintainence to speak of, no one was going to give us free propane. So I will have to empty the ash pan twice a week, carry in bags of pellets, he mentioned something that needed done every two weeks and something else once a month.
Here is the one we went with:
Harman XXV Pellet Stove click here to visit their website
It is being installed Friday. I will continue to post updates as we use it.

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