Sunday, October 24, 2010

Past Halloweens

We have always loved halloween! We started going to the halloween campout at the local state park sometime in the 90's. The second year we went, we started building decorations. It started with the pillars, cemetery sign and "Barry" in his coffin. We either built from scratch or bought it and modified it to suit what we wanted. We won every catagory at least once in the 6 years we went, except "overall".

Second year at Halloween Campout

Added a flying ghost this year - on right side

the "come here" guy on pillar, spider in background. this was the last year we did the halloweeen campout - 04

Cemetery fence set up

Barry - one of the first decorations we built (1999)

"Sit-up guy" he was powered by air, he would sit up and talk when we hit the switch

The spider - his eyes lit up, he raised up and he spit!

Our witches, they stirred the pot and talked. Fog machine hooked up to the cauldron for fog
 We bought the masks & hats, but made everything else. Foam wig heads were the foundations for their heads. I will put up more pics as I find them.

Happy Halloween!

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