Friday, June 25, 2010

Raspberries, Raspberries, Raspberries!

We picked 16 pounds of raspberries this week. Yes I said pounds not pints! I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. We had two very large "flats" of berries! We go to a local farm that we can pick our own for $3.25 a pound. So we have been busy making freezer jam and various other berry infused things. I tried 3 different recipes for freezer jam, one of which is on the berry farm's website. Champaign Berry Farm -
Recipe #1 from the Sure-Jel box A little too sweet for me
Recipe #2 from Ball Instant Fruit Pectin - no cooking pectin with water, which saves some time.
Recipe #3 from - freezer raspberry sauce
We froze a gallon bag and a quart bag of whole berries for use later. Since there is still quite a few in the fridge I think that means there will be at least 1 cobbler or pie and maybe some homemade ice cream in the near future!

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